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Gale Garland: Reference Sheet by Rikun
Gale Garland: Reference Sheet
After working and reworking this for a while I've finally gone and completed my reference sheet for a new Void character!

Her name is Gale Garland, and she is the only survivor of a tornado that ripped through her hometown. She has the innate ability to transform into several forms to defend herself, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Her personality also shifts depending on which form she's using.

The Scarecrow form gives her increased speed and agility with the ability to use a long ranged scythe. She's also able to summon a murder of crows as either cover or a direct attack. Being made of straw she's virtually weightless, but is also rather weak in combat. This form tends to be tricky and reckless, never really putting much practical thought to her attacks but jovial all the same.

The Tinman form is a tank: strong, sturdy, and slow as molasses. Gale uses this when she needs a solid defense and the raw strength to push back. It takes a while to get her axe swinging, but when it does she's able to put a fissure in the ground or knock an opponent clear across a field. This form tends to be cold, stoic, and pragmatic due to her lack of heart. Without emotions she can become single-mindedly committed to holding the line.

The Lion form combines speed and strength to create a ferocious attack. One would assume this would equal an unrestrained berserker, but because of this form's cowardly nature she prefers to lurk in the shadows or use sneak attacks to dominate an opponent. This form is also on the delicate side and does not react well to pain, preferring instead to run at the slightest sign of injury. When facing weaker opponents this form is unbelievably cocky, but then resorts to begging the minute she knows she's outmatched. Some call it cowardly, she prefers to call it smart.

Along for the journey is a dog Gale named Ozzy after her favorite singer. Ozzy was a misunderstood stray that Gale took in, resulting in an extremely loyal companion. He helps Gale spot danger before she can see it and will defend her long enough for her transformations to kick in.

Info subject to change as I develop them more.


Richard Jao
Artist | Professional | Film & Animation
United States
Born in San Jose and currently in San Francisco, Richard Jao is an artist who seeks to use his skills in anything from storyboarding to concept art. He is currently at the Academy of Art to further push his skills as he works on his own private projects.

I am the first artist in my family line, and determined as ever to make it as a professional.
Given that I want more polished work to show up here, I'm gonna put some of my rougher stuff on Tumblr.  That's right, I now have a Tumblr to show off my WIP stuff before I ink and color it here.  Feel free to comment and follow if you wish!

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